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Marcel Duchamp  - An Early Transactionalist

Marcel Duchamp may be considered as an early “transactionalist”. Reflecting value and a fascination for financials was a trait of Duchamp, which accompanied him throughout his production.

In 1919 Duchamp paid his dentist, Daniel Tzanck, a passionate art collector, with a hand drawn enlarged facsimile cheque as compensation for services rendered and as a piece of art at the same time. In 1924 he issued 30 “Monte Carlo Bonds” over 500 Francs each , and apparently raised funds from his friends in order to play Roulette at the Monte Carlo Casino promising 20% p.a. interest redeemable in three years. However, his gambling strategy did not beat the odds, but he didn’t loose either and paid only once 10% interest, one year later. 


According to written records, Duchamp did never pay back the principle and, if the numbers are correct, made a profit of 13.500 Francs (initially 15.000 raised, paid back 30x50= 1.500). 


In purely financial terms, the purchase of the bond for the investors may appear as a loss, but considering the deal as the acquisition of an original Duchamp artifact (that even earned a 10 % return) it may be construed as a great buy. As with his ready-mades, the accomplished artist Marcel Duchamp creates value by an act of declaration - here in the form of an amicable deal (a contract represented by an artistically designed and signed bond certificate) with his audience, i.e. collectors.

Transactional Arts by Daniela Alina Plewe
The Option of Freedom is a service supporting changes in life. As an  insurance-like product it offers assistance leading to new beginnings. 
Similarly to a witness protection program extreme wishes and radical reinventions and new identities are managed as well as  more moderate and experimental approaches where clients aim to develop new facets of their personalities and expose themselves to new experiences. Artists may be hired as change-consultants and experts of risk-management. 

Major plans are Alter Ego- Just Explore, Reinventions-Just Change, Ground Zero - Just Jump.  

Victor Novus Capital 
Boutique Investment Firm for Multi-Dimensional Banking
As a highly exclusive investment firm offers banking in various forms of capital and their conversions. Opportunity-Management complements the standard banking approach of risk-management. It interacts with its clients via new forms of communication, including visualisation tools. 
With its wealth management division VNC advises high net worth individuals offering Legacy Creation Services. It also fosters creative deal-making through an online-payment system and sponsors a yearly creative leadership award. 
Paying Attention
An attention-provider in the form of skype based call centre prevents damages of social capital. It offers various services, such as Ruby Rancune a mood outlet channel for the client, Regretless Rambling  a infinitely patient listener, Daisy-Time and Bitching-on-Demand for unhappy lovers, Silver Woolf and Woolf's Whisper for needs of the elderly. Relationship easing is provided via the repetitive text message template services Easy-Hunt, Easy-Fling, Easy-Love, EasyHubby.
Hedging Love and Relationship Design
Dating, especially with the aim of meeting potential partners for life, in Western cultures is a time based market. It operates usually “on the spot” mating partners in the present, but not in the future. Mates may “miss each other” due to an unfortunate timing. Availability at a later point of time is often not considered. 
Instead of this linear approach to dating, personal possibilities could be managed with the help of similar instruments like options and futures in the financial world. These contructs allow managing and optimising windows of opportunities. Potential loves can become subject of specially negotiated options thereby documenting creative forms of commitment between individuals.
Art Commissioning as Creative-Deal-Making

Work in Progress. Potential partners please contact me via contact form.
Online Platform for Deal-Making

Work in progress. Potential partners please contact me via contact form. 

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